About Bekaert La Visonette

Bekaert La Visonnet was founded in 1920 by Adolf and Remi Bekaert, who specialised in tanning of furs and sheepskins.

In the 50s they were succeeded by Maurice and Paul Bekaert who specialised further in tanning of sheepskins.

Innovation is the key to progress, so in 1977 a new tannerie was founded in the industrial zone of Oudenaarde. Maurice and Alain Bekaert, father and son further established the company to the well known worldpower in sheepskin lining, decoratons sheepskins and medical sheepskins it is today.

We provide our customers with TUV and REACH certificates. We can guarantee our customers only the best quality by working with these certificates.

Bekaert La Visonnette is located in the heart of Europe and always has big stocks in standard colours. This resumes in an ultra fast delivery throughout Europe and the rest of the world.